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Pharmacist by day, builder by night. Wes has a PharmD from Northeastern University and a passion for making his wife's elaborate ideas a reality.


Artist, recess graduate, questionable renovator. Sarah has a BA from Wheaton College in Studio Art and a love for design. She currently works as a Maine based landscape artist with an ecommerce store

We Wes and Sarah Day, two crafty Maine kids with a love for design, piecing things together. We have been renovating spaces since 2009, beginning with our first home. Wes is a pharmacist by day, everything else-er by night and I am an artist with a drive to make the bits of life as beautiful as I can. These are the projects we have done so far with hopes of more to come. 

For any questions or interest in renting our current home or studio for product shooting send us a note at


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