Adding an entry / 1/2 bath / and Laundry to what used to be a shed, transformed the space. The addition not only allowed us to wash clothes at home (amazing), make use of the unused space, and install a dream utility sink (no more paint in the kitchen says Wes), it also made us address the problem of heating and cooling. There was no insulation in the existing floor of our kitchen and the foundation was questionable. This made us rip up the existing floors, address the foundation and add a layer of insulation between the joists. In the end, we are now cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. Additionally, two people can use a bathroom at once (luxuries).

When we were designing the space we knew it would be hard to match the charm of the old home so, we decided to move toward the exact opposite. We modernized the new space and linked the two eras together with uniform colors: Black | White | Gray | Wood

We choose to make the exterior board and baton to contrast with the original clapboard, installed black windows as a ying to the yang of the white and added a small metal roof to the entry. With the uniformity of white, the opposition of the two spaces came together and the whole house began to look like one.


Laundry Sink Photo by Erin Little

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