We purchased our home three years ago on whim, without the expectation of actually following through. The 1729 birth date was a bit of a deterrent initially but, once we assessed the foundation and steadfast structure of the home, our worries shifted, not to the age of the home but to our own abilities as renovators. Work had been started on the exterior but, the inside was another story. None the less, we fell in love with the house and location and over the past 3 years we have pulled the space apart and pieced it back together, first on our own and then, a year ago, with a hired crew (Kevin Brown Architecture + Island Cove Building). We have added a bathroom and a half, a laundry room and a master bedroom. Along the way, we have worked to keep the original home as original as possible with a twist of modern flare and the addition to the home as modern as possible with a hint of a traditional farm house vibe. In the end, we have created a space that works for our modern family and is a space we truly love. It's rare to find such a home and we feel lucky we have been paired together. Our projects are forever ongoing so, if you stick around, your bound to see our ups, downs and the journey that takes us there.


Sarah / Wes / Elle + Hartley Day

Photo by Erin Little

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Our House

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