When we first moved in, our house was a 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with no washer or dryer, knob and tube electrical, and limited insulation. The house hadn't really been updated in what seemed to be a very long time. The interior was beautiful but full of many small cold, unused rooms. There was a good deal of space in the back of the house where an uninsulated shed had been added off the kitchen but, the overall layout was segmented, dated, dark and very chilly. We knew when we purchased the house that we would need to rework the floor plan and eventually, add some space for a few luxuries that we didn't want to live without ie. a washer, dryer and  second bathroom. Over the first year, our goal was to bring the existing home back to life. In that year we uncovered beams, took out walls, replaced walls, rewired (hired), insulated, added natural gas (hired), painted and so on. Once that was complete, and we had a baby on the way, we called in the professionals. With the help of Kevin Brown and Island Cove Building, we moved forward with adding a small footprint to the back of the house, reworking the unused space in the shed and kitchen to create an Entry / 1/2 Bath / Laundry + Master. Above is an exterior photo of this transformation.

Photo by Erin Little

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